What if the tire deviates?

16 May.2022

What if the tire deviates?

For owners with OCD, tire deviation is a headache. What is the reason for tire deviation? How to solve the problem after the tire deviates?

Causes and solutions of tire deviation:

1. Reason

Unbalanced tire pressure on both sides of the vehicle will directly lead to vehicle deviation. The principle is very simple. If the tire pressure on both sides is uneven, their contact area with the ground is also different. On the normal road surface, the tire friction with low pressure is greater, so in this case, the vehicle will run to the side of the flat tire. If you find a deviation, it is recommended to first check whether the air pressure of the tires on both sides is normal.


The change of the main components of the chassis will also cause the problem of deviation, which may be due to the wear and aging caused by daily driving, or the deformation of the frame caused by accidents. The aging problem is easy to say. If the lower swing arm and other components change or the gap is too large, it can be solved by adjusting or replacing parts; If the deviation is caused by the deformation of the car body and the damage of the frame caused by the accident, it will be more serious. It is necessary to replace parts in a large area and even correct the frame before it can be completely recovered.


2. terms of settlement

The first step is to raise the car, and the technician installs a sensor on the side of each tire. The function of the sensor is to exchange the four-wheel positioning data with the host in time; The second step is to select the corresponding brand and model on the computer of four-wheel aligner after data acquisition. According to the technician, don't choose the wrong step. Because the data of four-wheel alignment are different for different models. If it is not accurate, the four-wheel alignment will not work, but will damage the tire; The third step is for the technician to adjust the set screw located near the vehicle suspension until the four-wheel alignment data reaches the standard value.



Tire deviation is not a big problem. You can avoid this problem by paying more attention when using your car. You can also solve it through four-step four-wheel positioning. I hope introduction can help you.