What do you know about the tire pressure of truck tires?

21 May.2022

What do you know about the tire pressure of truck tires?

The tire is to the truck, just like the foot of the truck. It carries the weight of the whole body and is also the only part of the truck in contact with the ground. When describing the subtlety of Tai Chi, there is the saying of "four or two thousand gold", and the small tire can carry more than ten tons and dozens of tons of body, which is also similar!

And the tire depends on the gas filled inside to maintain the support and buffer effect. It can also be said that the large truck is carried by the air in the tire!


There are several precautions for the tire pressure of truck tires:

1. In special cases, such as desert or mud, it is necessary to lower the tire pressure significantly, because reducing the tire pressure can increase the tire grounding area, reduce the pressure and reduce the chance of vehicle sinking.


2. If you often run at high speed, in order to avoid standing waves in the tire, you can appropriately increase the tire pressure.


3. Since the manufacturer provides the reference value of tire pressure under the condition of cold tire, it is best to measure the tire pressure or inflation under the condition of cold tire, and then adjust the tire pressure to the standard tire pressure after the tire is completely cooled after standing for 3 ~ 4 hours.

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4. Tire pressure is related to load. Due to different body weight distribution, the recommended tire pressure values of front tire, rear tire, half load and full load will also be different. In addition, the air pressure of front tire can be lower than that of rear tire.

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5. The tire pressure can be higher in winter and lower in summer to prevent tire burst at high temperature.


In order to drive more safely, if conditions permit, it is best to install tire pressure monitoring equipment, which can monitor the tire pressure in real time and display the tire pressure of each tire on the instrument, so as to know the tire pressure status at all times and get whether the tire pressure needs to be adjusted in time.