How should you maintain your car tires in summer?

15 Jun.2022

How should you maintain your car tires in summer?

The maintenance of automobile tires cannot be relaxed, because automobile tires are directly related to our driving safety. In summer, we can't relax the maintenance of tires, because summer is the high incidence period of tire burst accidents. If we don't pay attention to it at ordinary times, it may lead to tire burst. So how to maintain car tires in summer?


First, the parking mode should be correct.

When parking in summer, it is best to park the car in a cool place, so that the sun can not directly shine on the tires, which will not lead to accelerated aging of car tires and longer service life of tires. And when parking, you should also Park correctly. Put the four tires on the same level, not high and low at the same time. In this way, even if it is not summer, it is not good for the tires.


Second, don't flush the tire with cold water.

After the car is exposed to the sun or driven for a long time, the temperature of the car tire will rise. At this time, it is necessary to cool down as soon as possible, otherwise the tire will burst if the temperature is too high. In order to cool down as soon as possible, some car owners directly wash the tires with cold water, so that the temperature of the tires is reduced, but the tires are prone to deformation, cracking and cracking. Many people's tires are so bad. Therefore, let the tire cool down naturally.


Third, pay attention to the tire pressure (nitrogen can be filled)

The tire pressure of a car has a limit. If it exceeds this value, the tire will burst. The temperature change in summer will also change the tire pressure to a certain extent, so check the tire pressure to ensure that it is within the range of normal tire pressure. If the owner is willing to spend money, he can also fill the tire with nitrogen, which can reduce the probability of tire burst and the risk of spontaneous combustion, but the inflation must be filled in a regular place.


Fourth, tire transposition

Although the four tires of the car are used at the same time, their wear degree is different. Car steering requires front wheel assistance, so the wear of the front wheel is much larger than that of the rear wheel, so we can change the front and rear tires, so that the wear can be balanced. An ordinary household car is generally 8000 kilometers for transposition. As for the specific time and kilometers, it depends on the owner himself.


The maintenance of car tires should not be relaxed, especially when changing seasons. Different environments have different maintenance methods, and car owners should know when maintaining them.