How to maintain truck tires in summer

20 Apr.2022

How to maintain truck tires in summer

Tip 1: maintain correct tire pressure

In general, the tire pressure standards before and after the truck are different, so we must refer to the tire pressure data in the truck manual provided by the truck manufacturer.

As we all know, the air in the tire is easy to expand at high temperature. If the tire pressure is too high, the tire will burst. If you choose to reduce the tire pressure at this time, two consequences will occur:

1.Shorten the service life of tires,

2.To increase fuel consumption, the operating cost is very high, so don't reduce the air pressure. However, if the air pressure in the tire is too high, it may lead to tire burst, which is not conducive to driving safety. Therefore, we must form the habit of checking the tire pressure regularly in summer, at least once a half month. 


Tip 2: refuse overload

When the truck is overloaded, it will consume more fuel, increase the burden of braking system and transmission system, and shorten the service life of the vehicle. More importantly, Truck Overload will increase the tire pressure and improve the tire 

burst rate, so we must not overload when transporting goods!


Tip 3: regularly clean up tire debris

Due to the complex driving environment of the truck, some sundries will inevitably be sandwiched in the tire gap, such as small stones, screws, etc. Card users must be aware that these sundries may cause great damage to the tires and affect driving safety.

In order to avoid accidents, it is recommended that card users use special tools for cleaning. If sundries get into the tire, it is recommended to hand them over to a professional truck maintenance center for treatment. 


Tip 4: do a good job of anti sticking when new tires are on the road

After buying new tires, many card friends directly install them on the road. In fact, this is wrong, because when there is no air, the inner pipe and outer pipe will stick together. If they pull down the tire, it will damage the new tire. Therefore, card friends must do a good job in anti sticking treatment when using new tires. Before loading, they can remove the tires and separate them with lime powder! 

Tip 5: reasonable braking to reduce tire wear

During transportation, braking is inevitable. The tire tread will rub against the ground, resulting in tire wear. Therefore, card friends must maintain the distance between vehicles and reduce unnecessary braking during transportation. At the same time, for the sake of your own safety, you must always pay attention to the tread depth on the tire. If the tread is close to grinding flat, it will reduce the handling on the wet road. At the same time, the thin outer tire wall is also easy to lead to tire burst, so you must replace it in time.


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