Is a mended tire easy to burst? Is it safe to mend a car tire once?

22 Apr.2022

Is a mended tire easy to burst? Is it safe to mend a car tire once?


It is not easy to burst the tire. The performance of the correctly repaired tire is no different from that of the new tire. However, when the car is driven for a long time, the probability of tire overheating and blowout will be greatly increased. The main causes of tire burst are as follows: substandard tire pressure, serious overload, over speed and so on.


Pay attention to the maintenance of tires at ordinary times. The main methods: try to avoid exposure to the sun when parking at ordinary times and stop in a cool place to ensure that the tire pressure can drive normally. Secondly, do not overload and over speed, which is very easy to cause traffic safety accidents and unnecessary losses.


Is it safe to mend a car tire once?

If the damaged area is very small, it is safe not to drive at high speed, but it should also be determined according to the situation. There are potential safety hazards when the car tire is repaired once at high speed. The area of the repaired damaged part is too large, or it is recommended to replace it in time on the side of the tire, which is very prone to safety accidents. If you can drive normally on the tread.


Automobile tires are different from ordinary tires. All automobile sidewalls will be thicker. Ordinary tire raking machines cannot be used. Naturally, the repair difficulty and cost will be higher. It is recommended to replace them within the allowable range.


The normal tire has a service life of 5 years. If the tire is damaged for a long time, it is strongly recommended to replace it. Judge whether there are cracks on the surface based on the tire wear, and finally decide whether to replace it with a new tire.

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