Do you have to change a pair of car tires?

25 Apr.2022

Do you have to change a pair of car tires?

1. Why do you say you need to change the left and right tires together?


If the tire wear is serious, only replace one tire. If the outer diameters of the two tires are different, the car will deviate when driving. If the grip of the two tires is different, there will be side slip when braking.

When driving on a slippery road, due to the different displacement of old and new tires, if you wade a little faster, you will lose control of side slip. When driving on ice and snow roads, the grip of old tires is low, and the car may turn in place and cannot start.

In short, we can decide whether to change one or a pair in two cases.

If it is a new car that has not been driven for a long time, the tire is broken in this case, because the tire wear is not serious, which is no different from a new tire. We only need to replace one, but it is best to choose tires of the same brand and model.

Tires have been used for one to three years, and the tread depth of old tires is about 2-4mm different from that of new tires. They can be replaced or not according to personal economic conditions.


The tires have been used for more than three years, and the depth of the pattern is more than 4mm different from that of the new tire. It is recommended to replace a pair of tires, because the tires of the car that has been used for a long time must be seriously worn. Changing only one tire at this time may lead to inconsistent balance on both sides, which is prone to accidents.


2. It is necessary to change a pair of tires

1) If the tire has eccentric wear, it is recommended to replace it at the same time. After changing the tire, you have to do the next four-wheel alignment.

2) When you can't buy the same type of tire, it is recommended to replace it at the same time. The tire patterns of different types are different.

3) For 4WD vehicles with a central differential, it is necessary to consider changing four tires when changing tires. Changing one tire alone may affect the driving force distribution of four wheels, and even affect the handling and difficulty relief of 4WD vehicles.



3.Here I will introduce you to a homesick tire that is higher than super high

SPORTRAK TIRE size 215/45ZR17 for truck tires.The performance is as follows:

1) Asymmetric tread design:four wide grooves design provide effective drainage and sufficient wet safety performance

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