The tire burst on the road. What do you usually do?

05 May.2022

The tire burst on the road. What do you usually do?

The following steps can be taken for tire burst on the road: hold the steering wheel,pull over, pull the handbrake and conduct a comprehensive inspection.


1. Hold the steering wheel

The car mainly keeps calm, grasps the steering wheel hard, and releases the accelerator at the same time. Slowly and evenly release the accelerator to gradually reduce the speed to 20 yards or less per hour, and then slightly step on the brake with the foot brake to reduce the speed again.


2. Pull over

Hold the steering wheel so that the car with a flat tire stops near the roadside. At the same time, be sure to flash double to indicate the surrounding vehicles and people.


3. Pull the handbrake

After the car stops and stalls, the hand brake shall be pulled. After confirming that it can get off safely, the owner shall set up warning signs about 150m away from the flat tire car as soon as possible to avoid further unnecessary losses caused by traffic accidents.


4. Overall inspection

When the above things are completed, the owner will carefully check the specific tire burst and choose to replace the tire or seek roadside assistance.


5. Here I will introduce an explosion-proof tire with good performance

SPORTRAK TIRE size 245/70R16 for car tires.The performance is as follows:

1) Chamfer design of the pattern:

Prevent stone nipped,enhance the ability to get rid of the stone

2) Wide shoulder pattern design:

Enhance the block rigidity,endurance,weight-carrying ability and steering qualities during driving.

3) Staggered central rid design:

Solid staggered central rib design ensures straight-line driving stability and safety.

4) Multi-steel strap design:

Promote the grip performance on wet and dry land ,enhance the tractive performance.

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