How do you wash car tires until they are shiny black?

11 May.2022

How do you wash car tires until they are shiny black?

 Tires will turn white after a period of use. There are some black and bright tires through tips. Washing with water is generally ineffective, and the trick to darken the tire is to use tire beauty products such as tire wax and tire glaze. Tire wax and tire glaze are water-based and oil-based respectively. The tire will become black and bright after being smeared with tire wax, and the moderate use of tire beauty products is equivalent to adding protective film to the tire, reducing oxidative damage, preventing aging and prolonging service life.


Steps for washing car tires to turn black and bright

 1. Clean the tire with plastic cleaning agent and the wheel hub with wheel hub cleaning agent;


2. Use a soft bristle brush to wash the tire and wheel hub sprayed with cleaning agent (without damaging the surface)


3. Rinse off the cleaning agent with water and dry it with air gun or dry towel


4. Spray metal anti rust agent on the surface of the wheel hub and let it dry naturally


5. Spray tire wax or tire glaze on the tire


6. Apply evenly with a brush and let it dry naturally


However, it should be noted that genuine products should be purchased through formal channels. PH test paper can be used to test pH before use. Tire beauty products with strong acid or strong alkali are not applicable. In addition to spraying tire wax or tire glaze, daily tire maintenance is also very important to prolong the service life of tires.