How to save car tires?

13 May.2022

How to save car tires?

1. Tires should be stored in a humid environment, which will accelerate aging and decay. Therefore, tires must be stored in a dry and ventilated place to ensure that tires will not be affected.


2.Tires are rubber products. At the same time, tires are very vulnerable to thermal expansion and cold contraction. There is no problem when driving at ordinary times. However, when storing, you must avoid the sun, because the tire will be deformed due to long-term sunlight.


3. During the storage of tires, it is necessary to avoid entering the inside of the tire. Generally, in rainy and snowy days, the tire is likely to leak water. It is necessary to check it in time and wipe it in time.


4. Automobile tires will be destroyed by ozone generating equipment. Tires and ozone will produce chemical reactions, such as printers, copiers, etc. tires will not be corroded away from these equipment.


5. Tires belong to rubber products, so it is necessary to avoid storage close to oil products and corrosion. In addition, tires should avoid products such as heaters and electric heaters, avoid tire deformation caused by heat sources, and avoid some devices generating electrical sparks to avoid tire damage.


6. Tires are easily polluted by dust. If they are not cleaned in time, the tires will gradually deteriorate and eventually become unusable. If there is dust or dirty material, wipe it to protect the tire to the greatest extent.


7. When placing the tire, be careful not to squeeze the tire. The tire is rubber shaped and will begin to deform when squeezed by heavy objects. So put the car tires separately. Don't put anything on the car tires.