How often do I change tires?

18 Apr.2022

How often do I change tires?

1.First, severe wear

Mainly observe the wear degree. At the tread pattern and sidewall of the tire, our tires have design wear marks at the factory. You can check whether they need to be replaced according to the wear. Under normal circumstances, the wear degree of the front wheel will be greater than that of the rear wheel because of frequent steering. It is recommended to adjust the front and rear wheels after driving 30000 kilometers to ensure the durability of the tire, Wait until the next time there is obvious tire wear, you can replace four tires at one time.

2. Second, experienced many tire repairs

It's common for tires to get punctured when driving on the road. Many people who spend $10 or $20 can mend the tire once, but this can't last long. In particular, there can't be two patches at the same location. Secondly, if the two patches are too close apart, it's not OK, which will lead to dangerous risks when driving at high speed. In addition, it is worth saying that when we find that the tire is punctured, we must not pull it out manually. On the one hand, it may lead to the ejection of nails due to deflation, which may lead to danger. Secondly, it will speed up the tire deflation, which will lead to insufficient tire pressure. We are driving in a soft tire state, which is the most harmful to the tire, and even directly scrap the tire.


3.Third, the tire wall is punctured

The most vulnerable part of the tire is the tire wall. If the tire wall is punctured, personal suggestions are to replace it directly. Many car owners may have observed the appearance of the car parked. At this time, our front tire will always be under stress due to the weight of the engine, and the tire walls on both sides will be slightly raised. Therefore, if the tire wall is punctured, it can not be solved simply by mending. It is easy to split twice in daily life, Even a flat tire, so if the tire wall is punctured, it is recommended to replace it directly.


4.Fourth, the tire is bulging

The tire is bulging, which often happens to truck drivers. The tire is bulging, which means that the gold wire inside the tire has been broken and deformed, and it is easy to have a tire burst when you continue to drive. In addition, when you find this problem, you should deal with it in time to ensure your own safe driving.


5.Fifth, tire aging

When the tire is aging, we should pay attention to the cracks on the tire wall, which represents the aging degree of the tire. If you don't drive for a long kilometer, but the car is placed, it is easy to aging. The validity period of the tire is generally 3 to 5 years. You can judge it according to the model marked on the tire. Some manufacturers will tell you when purchasing the model that it is generally a warranty that is not artificially damaged within 3 years, In case of aging problems, it must be replaced in time.


6.Here I will introduce you to a homesick tire that is higher than super high

SPORTRAK TIRE for car 205/55R16 215/45ZR17 is a all season/winter/UHP tire. It has the following properties:

1) Specific directed pattern to improve driving stability effectively providing the drivers a better sense of driving.

2) Wide main pattern grooves to enhance outstanding wet grip.

3) Professional snow compound combined with steel disc to ensure safe driving on inclement freezing conditions.

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