Does the same car's tire accelerate fast with large or small tires?

11 Apr.2022

Does the same car's tire accelerate fast with large or small tires?


1. When I bought the car, some people thought the tire was small, so they wanted to change it into one with larger diameter and wider tread. First of all, the visual effect will be much better and some performance will be improved, such as grip, braking distance, driving stability and so on. If you simply compare the speed of acceleration, is the tire fast in large acceleration or fast in small acceleration?  

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2. The car is the same car. All parameters such as power, transmission ratio and energy loss are the same. Only the size of the tire is different, so the acceleration of a small tire is faster. There are several reasons. First, the larger and wider the tire is, the larger the contact area with the ground will be, and the greater the friction by the ground, so it needs to damage more power to overcome the friction instead of accelerating. 

3.Secondly, when the tire is large, the overall weight will become larger, and the acceleration will be slower, because it is too heavy and not light. For example, if a person runs with a pair of one kilogram shoes and two kilogram shoes, one kilogram shoes must run faster because they are light. Finally, in terms of transmission ratio, small tires are faster. The power is transmitted to the wheels through large and small gears. The power is certain. Driving the small tire to rotate is easier than driving the large tire. The engine speed is easier to increase, while driving the large tire to rotate is more laborious. The engine speed should be increased more slowly and the acceleration should be slower. This aspect may be difficult to understand. That is to say, if the small wheel can rotate five times in one second compared with the big wheel, the big wheel must accelerate quickly. However, due to the large wheel, due to the influence of transmission ratio and resistance in all aspects, the big wheel can rotate three times if it can't rotate five times in one second.

4. But when the car runs, the advantage of large tires is very obvious, with good stability and comfort. If you press a stone of the same size, the larger the tire diameter, the smaller the impact, the better the traffic ability and comfort. However, if only the tire width is increased to reduce the aspect ratio of the tire, the comfort will be reduced, because the tire is thinner and the cushioning performance will be reduced. Large tires have better grip, more stable cornering and higher handling limit, but the fuel consumption will also increase.  

5.The size of the tire that can be replaced mainly depends on whether the space of the car can be installed. When turning, it can not interfere with the surrounding components. It should have a sufficient distance from the upper wheel arch. When bumping the road, it can not touch the upper wheel arch. Simply put, it can be replaced as long as it is installed, but one thing to pay attention to is the problem of vehicle review. If the tire is inconsistent with the original vehicle, the vehicle may not pass the review. Before the review, you need to replace the wheels of the original vehicle. In addition, if the diameter becomes larger, the speed will be inaccurate, which will be faster than that displayed by the instrument. Because the diameter becomes larger, the circumference becomes longer, and the distance traveled in one turn becomes longer. Therefore, if you drive at the maximum speed limit, you may exceed the speed limit.