How long is the service life of household car tires?

12 Apr.2022

How long is the service life of household car tires?

Generally speaking, the service life of tires is about 5 years. It's just that this is only an ideal state. If the owner uses the car improperly, the life of the tire will be reduced. 


How to determine whether the tire should be replaced?

1. There is a wear mark on each tire, which is located at the groove of the tire. If the wear degree of the vehicle reaches the limit of the wear mark, the tire needs to be replaced.


2. When the tire bulges, the owner needs to pay attention and send the car to the repair shop in time. If you don't think so and still drive on the road, it's easy to have a flat tire on the way, and even cause a sad ending of car destruction and death.


3. With the increase of vehicle use time, the tire is easy to crack and harden, which affects the normal driving of the tire.


三、Here I will introduce you to a homesick tire that is higher than super high

SPORTRAK TIRE SP766 is a all season suv tire H/T. It has the following properties:

1. Four wide grooves design provide effective drainage and sufficient wet safety performance.

2. Design of central rib with sipes promotes the rigidity,help to balance high-speed performance and grip performance on wet land.

3. The compact shoulder design provide excellent handling performance with low noise.

4. Multiple blade groove pattern provide excellent grip and handling performance on wet land.


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