Do you want to pull out the "small stone" on the tire?

02 Apr.2022

Do you want to pull out the "small stone" on the tire?


As we all know, for the cars we drive everyday, because there are some textures and drainage grooves on the tire surface, some "small stones" will be stuck on the tire during driving. When small stones are stuck in the car tires, the car will make a sound of jamming during operation, especially some owners with obsessive-compulsive disorder will deal with these small stones in time. So when a small stone gets stuck in the tire, do you want to pull it out? Tell you how to do this article. However, the experienced old driver said that just remember one principle is enough. Come and learn it!


1. Usually, when the vehicle is driving on the road with poor road conditions, especially when the vehicle is driving on the construction road section, small stones will be stuck in the pattern on the tire. However, for the small stones stuck in the tires, some car owners have different views. Some car owners have to clean up the small stones because there are certain potential safety hazards in the small stones; Another part of the car owners believe that there is no need to clean up at all. The reason is that the tires are rubber products and have certain flexibility. In addition, the car tires will not be so pretentious and will not be scratched by these small stones at will.

2. For the views of different car owners above, some old drivers said that there are certain judgment principles to judge whether small stones will bring hidden dangers to tires. For example, the size of these small stones stuck in the tire. If they are small stones, car owners don't have to clean them at any time. After all, the bearing capacity of car tires is not weak; If the small stone stuck in the tire is large and the shape of the small stone is irregular, it is still necessary to pull out the small stone to avoid the potential safety hazard of tire burst after the small stone rubs the tire rubber for a long time.

3. As we all know, as a tire part of an automobile, it can be called the only part of the vehicle in contact with the ground. When the tire surface is abnormal and seriously worn, it is bound to increase the risk of tire burst. For some vehicles that often run long distances, car owners should often check the use of tires to avoid tire burst accidents during high-speed operation. According to the analysis of the old driver, due to the long-term high-speed operation of the tire, the gas in the tire will have the effect of thermal expansion. At this time, if sharp stones are stuck in the tire, it is easy to scratch the tire and cause the consequence of tire burst.

4. So how to quickly and smoothly pull out the small stones on the tires? Some car owners may say that they can use the car key to pry out the small stone, but I responsibly tells you that using the car key chain small stone is not worth learning from. After all, it is easy to damage the key and it is more difficult. The best way to buckle a small stone on a tire is to use a special cleaning tool, such as tire stone cleaning ditch. This small tool not only has rich functions, but also saves time and effort.

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