How often do I change the tires?

18 Mar.2022

When it comes to the parts with the greatest pressure on electric vehicles, it is the tires! It carries great weight and road friction. With the increase of vehicle service time, the tires will also be aged and worn. How often will the tires be replaced? If these three signals are not changed, the tire may burst! 

1The tire has reached its service life

According to the tire design and users' riding habits, the service life of the tire is generally about 1.67005 hours and the service life is about 3 to 5 years. Beyond this age, the tires of electric vehicles will age, crack and harden. If you continue to use it, the tire friction and grip will be greatly reduced, and the braking distance will become longer. In addition, the aging tire may swing its tail and side slip when cornering, and even have the risk of tire burst.  


2、Tire wear to limit mark: for tires of regular brand manufacturers, wear marks are generally set at the bottom of the tread groove. The wear mark of electric vehicle tires is 1.6mm. When the electric vehicle tires wear to the mark at the bottom of the groove, it means it's time to change the tires. In order to facilitate electric vehicle users to check the wear condition of tires with wear marks, triangular symbols are usually sprayed on the side of the wear marks.  


3Tire damage, cracks or bulges # tire bulges are not only an important cause of tire burst, but also a major accident hidden danger of vehicle driving. The electric vehicle tire is squeezed by the impact object and rim flange, resulting in serious deformation, which will cause the sidewall curtain yarn to break, and the drum will be formed at the broken yarn of the tire. Cracks on the surface of electric vehicle tires will not only damage the inner tube, but also have the risk of tire burst. Therefore, replace the new tire in time after finding cracks or bulges in the outer tube.  

The above is the way to judge whether electric vehicles need to change tires! In fact, in the final analysis, changing the tire is not the purpose, but in daily life, in addition to battery maintenance, the maintenance of the tire can not be dropped, such as maintaining a reasonable tire pressure and regularly checking the tire, so as to prolong the service life of the tire and increase the safety factor of electric vehicle driving.