Interesting Tire Classroom Tips

25 Mar.2022

Interesting Tire Classroom Tips


1. The rubber is white, why is the tire black instead?


Design purpose: everyone knows that the main component of tire is rubber, while natural rubber is white. So, the rubber is white, why is the tire black instead? The reason is that in order to improve the wear resistance and durability of the tire, we adopt the process of high-temperature condensation of carbon and hydrocarbons to make the rubber appear pure black like ink. In this way, the tire will turn black.

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2.How to determine the wear degree of automobile tires?


Design purpose: because the driving habits of each type of tire, each region and each driver are different, we generally need a clear standard to measure the degree of tire wear, so tire manufacturers will carry TWI (Tire Wear Indicator) tire wear limit identification: it is a boss located at the bottom of the tread groove and slightly 1.6 mm higher than the groove bottom. If the tire wear surface is lower than this mark, the tire must be replaced. In addition, in addition to judging according to the logo, if the owner finds that the vehicle has problems such as tire shaking or poor grip during operation, he also remembers to go to the repair shop or 4S shop to check or replace the tire in time.

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3.Can explosion-proof tires really be explosion-proof ?


Design purpose: the explosion-proof tire does not play the role of explosion-proof tire. In fact, the tire wall of the so-called explosion-proof tire is only a little thicker than that of an ordinary tire, so the probability of tire burst is a little lower, but it can not play an explosion-proof role; At the same time, the main function of explosion-proof tire is to continue to support the vehicle for a certain distance (usually 40 or 50 kilometers) when the tire is flat, so that the owner can drive the vehicle to the repair shop for tire replacement.


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As one of the important auto parts, wheel also contains many technologies and knowledge points. For ordinary car owners, in addition to understanding the tire knowledge, they should also pay attention to the wheel status. If they find that the tire has air leakage, damage and other phenomena, they must remember to repair it in time. Don't be careless. After all, whether the wheel is good or bad is closely related to our driving safety.