Never take tire inspection lightly

07 Mar.2022

Tires are like the four legs of a vehicle. Without tires, cars can't walk. The importance of tires can be imagined. However, in the actual car use process, many car owners pay little attention to tires, and the maintenance and repair of tires are not timely. In fact, this is a behavior with potential safety hazards. Next, let's briefly introduce some small knowledge of automobile tires.  

1. Check the tire pressure frequently

You should regularly check the pressure of the tire under normal conditions, as well as the spare tire. The correct tire pressure of your vehicle depends on the parameters recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.



2. Do not hit obstacles

When the vehicle is driving, avoid hitting obstacles, which is easy to cause tire deformation and air leakage in serious cases!  


3. Multi detection

If you can see with the naked eye that the tire has deviated, it will be very serious! It is recommended to check the tire positioning regularly and adjust it in time if there is any deviation.


4. Tyre service environment

This is mainly to avoid keeping the tire in a hot or cold environment for a long time. The tire is a rubber product. It is recommended to keep the tire in a cool place to avoid aging.


5. Replace it if it is seriously worn

Don't be willing to replace the worn tire in order to save money. However, the harm brought by this is much higher than the value of the tire!  


6. Change position

The damage degree of tires in different positions is also different. If you want to prolong the service life of tires, you can find a professional person to change the position of tires regularly to ensure the normal use of tires!